Guidance for Senior Leaders

If the continuous improvement of quality is to be a significant part of an organization's business strategy, top management must assume a role of leadership. API can assist top managers in assuming that role by offering guidance on:

  • Management theories that support leadership – systems theory, theory of variation, theory of knowledge, and psychology (collectively referred to as "Knowledge for Improvement"). Through integrated study of these four areas, managers develop insights for optimization of the organization. Efforts to improve become more focused and more effective.
  • Recognizing and eliminating barriers to improvement and forces of sub-optimization
  • Philosophy and methods of quality improvement through participation in teams and guidance of others
  • Integration of three categories of improvement in business planning.
  • Building a system of improvement

Many things must happen if an organization is to continually make changes that lead to improvement from the viewpoint of the customer. Establishing a system of improvement to provide a framework for leading change is a high priority. Five key activities can be used by leaders to drive, manage, and support the organization toward this aim.